In a media dependent world communication concepts have been changed. Getting your message to your audience requires communicative strategies that can be thought of as martial techniques; in a media  dependent world there are no bullets, there are arguments, there are no guns, there are media firms. Carrying the message to its receiver efficiently and effectively is a martial art for our agency.

At Quixote Communications we are focused on political communication and public diplomacy.

Whether it is a company that needs to communicate with its clients or with Public Administrations, or if it is a Public Administration with the need to communicate with citizens; whether it is a politician who needs to communicate with companies, the electorate or the media, Quixote Communications offers advisory, analysis and implementation services of the most effective and efficient communication strategies for each case.


These days, both the actors and the scenarios in which they play their roles are dynamic. It is necessary to be adapted to this structural and communicative volatility, and this can only be done by being synchronised with the most up-to-date knowledge in the fields of Communication Science & Intelligence. That is why at Quixote Communications we analyse each specific case to ensure that our clients’ message prevails over the rest of messages on the scene, and that message has the desired effect.

Quixote Communications in a one-stop place for all those actors who need to outsource their communication services. In our company we develop everything from the first analysis to the strategy to be implemented.